Friday, October 23, 2009

Picking Potato's

Our Potato's straight from the field!

I had heard that on the corner of Franklin and Ten Mile there was a big potato field that had been recently harvested and people were going there and collecting all the "irregular potato's" that didn't make it. So, we drove out there to check it out and sure enough, people were picking potato's! There was a sign that said No Trespassing but I figured it was worth the risk! The experience for the boys would be a fun one, plus it's always nice to know where our food comes from before we buy it at the store!

Carter collecting potato's!

Tanner and one of his potato's!

Walking around collecting potato's1

Carter on a serious potato mission.

He was bound and determined to get just as many as Tanner!

Tanner took off to fill his bag full of potato's!

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