Friday, October 23, 2009

Preschool Field Trip to Linder Farms

Tanner's preschool class went to Linder Farms yesterday. It was so much fun to see all the kids outside of class! They are hilarious! All the mommies went too and we had a blast! We started the day off with a hay bail ride that was pulled by a tractor. We went around the farm and got to see it all. After that, the kids ran through a little hay bail maze. Then, they went out into the field and picked out their pumpkins. After the pumpkins were all picked and the kids were all accounted for, we went over to see the little ponies and learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin. It was time for a little snack after that and we were done!
Here are all the kids with Mrs. Dockweiler.......let's see from left to right I am pretty sure we have Mia, Tyler, Aubrey, JT, Halle, Tanner, Kalie, Mrs. Dockweiler, Chelsea, Makayla, and Inara. Needless to say, Mrs. Dockweiler has her hands full!
Chelsea, Makayla, Tanner, and Inara waiting to get on the hay ride! No that's not the camera angle, Tanner really is that tall. It's crazy! He turned 3 in July and is almost to tall for his size 4 clothes!

Tanner and Mommy at Linder Farms. I had to grab him for a picture because he was running all around! The excitement was just oozing out of him! Dirt, tractors, animals, pumpkins.....what more could you want?!

Tanner and Inara in the hay bail maze! They ran through twice!

Carter got to participate a little bit too! He was on the hunt for his pumpkin!

A few pumpkins! I love to green ones!

Carter picking out his pumpkin!

Carter, Tanner, and Chelsea looking at the ponies!

Tanner, Inara, and Halle during their little prayer they sing before snack time! It's cute, it has hand motions and everything!

Tanner with a big green pumpkin!
We wrapped up the day by going to McDonald's with Lisa, Chelsea and Makayala and Adrienne and Inara for some yummy fun food!

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