Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Little Slice of Paradise!

We headed off to Maui to get some much needed rest and relaxation! It was paradise and I couldn't have asked for a nicer family vacation! We stayed in Ka'anapali and enjoyed all the Island life we could! The weather was perfect, the ocean was warm, and the family time we were able to have was wonderful! We met my Dad and his wife Sue over there too which was a ton of fun! It was great to spend time with them, especially great for the boys because Grandpa and Sue live in California and so it was nice for them to get a chance to bond!

All of us at the Lahaina Fish company for lunch.

Daddy and Tanner coming in from an ocean swim!

Me and my 2 boys relaxing Island style!

Carter, our little beach bum!

Tanner and Carter all ready for bed! They were so good and really loved vacation!

Tyler and I at Napili Cove. Dad and Sue spoiled us one night by watching the boys so we could go to dinner at The Plantation House on the Kapalua Golf Course. It was fantastic! The chef puts most of his recipes on their web site too so that was exciting for me! I've tried to recreate some of the salad dressings and sauces! Yummy!

Our family-Carter, Daddy, Tanner, and Mommy. There is definitely a lot of enthusiasm for life!
We are trying to get a good family picture of the 4 of us for a Christmas card.......we got lots of pictures and I am not sure there is even one where everyone looks normal! That's par for the course with us though! We march to the beat of a different drum!

My Dad and Sue renewed their wedding vows. It was a great ceremony, spectacular actually! There was a double rainbow and a huge sea turtle! The minister was fantastic and even sang and played the ukulele! Why didn't we get married in Maui??

Tanner, Daddy, and Carter getting ready to snorkel! I tried to talk Tyler into buying a boat and starting a snorkel company so we wouldn't have to go back home but he didn't budge......Then I noticed that Kona Coffee Company was for sale so I went that route......I got shot down again! Maybe next year!

Tanner all ready to jump in and see some fish! We saw lots of beautiful fish and coral and all the other amazing things that live in the sea!

Tanner and Grandpa!

Daddy and Tanner coming in from a swim!

Carter loved the beach! He ate so much sand I am surprised the beach was still there when we left!

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