Monday, August 29, 2011

Tyler's Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we celebrated Tyler's birthday!  He'd had a pretty unpleasant week at work and I knew that the following week was going to be tremulous as well so I wanted this weekend to be the Island of calm in the midst of a stormy sea.  After all, when our house operates on Island Time, we are all much happier!  We kicked off the weekend with a treasure hunt for Tyler's present!  I had let the kids pick out his gift and they chose a remote control monster truck.  Tanner even drew a little map for him to use to find it! He loved his present and the kids were just beside themselves with excitement to give it to him too!
Daddy with the kids and Monster truck!

Later on that evening the wonderful Amanda showed up to take over kid duty and we went to dinner at On The Border (one of our favorite places to eat) and a movie that included popcorn with lots of butter, candy & soda.  It was wonderful and relaxing and so nice to have the babysitter put the kids to bed! We also have the best babysitter this side of the Mississippi too!

On Saturday, we had a few friends and family over for a BBQ.  It was a blast!

 Tanner, Kristin & Inara doing the water slide!

 Some of the girls eating dinner!

 My beautiful sister and my beautiful daughter!

 Chloe enjoying a Gem Pack Burger!

 Tyler with the bacon wallet from my Grandma!

 Adrienne, Aunt Kat, Grandma,Cammie, Mom & Hadley

 Chloe, Inara, Tanner, Addy & Orion

 Me, Grandma, Cammie, Mom & Hadley

 Orion, Carter, Inara, Addy & Tanner!

 Hadley the little bag lady!

 Chloe going down the water slide!

 Tanner & Chloe on the swings!


 Sweet little Inara!

 Orion and Carter stayed in the pool until almost 9 PM Saturday night!

 On Sunday afternoon Kris, Brent, Jill, Cameron, Caden and Eloise came over to celebrate both Tyler and Jill's birthday!  It was fun! We had pizza and cake and ice cream!
 Hadley, Tyler & Jill with the birthday cake!

 Everyone took part in blowing out the candles!

 W tried to get a  5 of the kids together for a picture.  It didn't happen at all!  Poor little Eloise is crying on Caden's lap and Hadley was off crying on the floor! 

The boys having cake!

It was a fun weekend!  We seriously have the best friends and family I think I could ever even imagine having! We are looking forward to next weekend-it's a 3 day weekend and I'm sure it will be filled with lots of food and friends!
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