Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We grabbed Cammie and went to Wahooz for a morning of fun! We had such a great time!
I don't think Wahooz will ever be the same...!
Here's Hadley, Cammie, Carter and Tanner finishing up their breakfast at Auntie Cammie's house before we left.
Tanner getting ready to drive the go cart!
He had the entire track to himself and he was awesome at driving the go cart!
There he goes, hands at 10 and 2 and just whipping around the corner!
Did I forget to mention that Tanner is dressing himself now? He picks out his clothes the night before and lays them all out. This was his pick for the day-sweat pants that are too small and I obviously need to take out of his closet, a polo shirt (so he "looks handsome") and his brown shoes because they looked good for golf. Wow. It was amazing!

Me driving Carter in the go carts! You can't see little Carter, he's sitting right next to me, and he had a blast going really fast!
Tanner and Carter getting ready for miniature golf.
Cammie and Hadley on the golf course.
Carter figured out pretty early on that the closer you put your ball to the hole, the easier it is to get it in!
The brothers making sure they get their gold balls through the right hole!
The hole had a cool slide for the golf ball!

Carter made sure he got his ball in the hole at each hole!
Tanner, such form and power!

Tanner rode the bumper boats too and he had the whole pool to himself!
Carter and Spidey in the "Spidey Mobile"!
Tanner in the dump truck!
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