Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend Get-a-Way

We got away for the weekend!  We called the Sterling's to see if they could join us and we all headed up to the mountains.  It was an absolute blast! It is so good for my soul to get away with my friends and family and relax and play! The second we pulled up into the driveway all my worries and cares just washed away.  We ate, drank, played and laughed! We had the most relaxing and stress free weekend I have had in a while! Thanks guys!

 Carter, Tanner & the girls!

 Saturday morning all the kids went in to wake Tyler up!

 Tanner and Chelsea getting ready to tube!

 Justin and his graceful swan dive into the lake!

 Friday night, getting the kids to settle down before bed!

 Hadley in the boat.

 Chelsea and Makayla

 Carter the official flag dude!

 Tanner doing a cannon ball into the lake!

 And another cannon ball!

 Lisa getting ready to tube with the girls!

 Me and Hadley

 Lisa playing with the kids!

 Justin and Lisa

 Me and Tyler!

 Saturday night we were sitting out on the deck and a 2 deers walked through the front yard.  It was awesome! So, on Sunday, the kids made a "deer home".  They collected old food, smashed it up, brought out a stool and a pinwheel in hopes of attracting deers!
 The deer home.  What deer wouldn't want to live here?

The girls were tuckered out after a big day on the lake!
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