Monday, October 17, 2011

I colored a picture for you!

Each night before we go to sleep, we take the boys potty.  This seems to alleviate 90% of peeing the bed! Last night, around 10:30 I took Tanner potty and as I was putting him back to bed, he sleepily told me that he had colored 3 pictures, one for Kara, one for Kendal and one for Kristen.  We live across the street from 3 of the sweetest girls I have ever met.  The boys are absolutely smitten with them too! He asked if we could deliver the pictures to the girls tomorrow.  Sure.  I took the pictures downstairs to show Tyler because they were so cute, so scary and so great all at the same time. 

 Tanner and Carter with the pictures for the girls.  Yes, we are having a jammy day today.  It's a little chilly and frankly I don't feel like going anywhere today!

 Here are the pictures.  He sort of stayed in the lines which makes me proud, the eyes scare the heck out of me, but the fact that he made a point to choose princess pictures is so sweet.

 Carter was excited to be a part of the picture festivities.

 He put the pictures in envelopes and wrote their names on each one.

 He signed the back of the envelope in case they didn't know the pictures were from him!

The brothers delivering the pictures!  It was very exciting! Yes, I do see that Tanner has his hands down his pants.  No, I'm not exactly sure what to do or say other than "Tanner-get your hands out of your pants" and  I feel like I say that often for both boys these days.  I don't think it ever stops, I just think they figure out how to be a little more discreet about it!

I can't wait to hear from the girls and see their reactions to our little pictures!
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