Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Phantom Ghost

The other morning, I opened the front door and on our porch was an adorable little Halloween treat!  The phantom ghost had left it for us! I was thrilled!  The kids thought it was the greatest thing too!  Its a fun way to spread secret cheer! The instructions say to make copies and and treats and deliver them to friends and family.  Fun!  We were on it! I asked the kids who we should "ghost" and the list started growing!  Tanner, who has the biggest and most caring heart, was wanting to give to soooo many people that I finally had to put an end to it. So, we are so sorry if you did not get "ghosted" but we had to make the cut off geographically!

So, late last night Tanner and I piled in the car and made the deliveries! It was hilarious.  One house had a very squeaky gate, which he also slammed! I hope we didn't scare you....Mimi!  Another house had all its lights on and the blinds pulled up and Tanner actually stood in the window and watched for a while. He said there was a cat doing silly things. I finally had to go and tell him to get back in the car! Sorry if we scared you! It was just us! We had a great time driving around last night making deliveries! I think we will try to do this for every holiday!

We have a few more "ghostings" to do this morning! Pretend you don't see us if we come to your door!

Ghosting people is fun!  Happy Halloween!
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