Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Hysteria!

Saturday night we had a Pumpkin Carving Party and it was a blast! The kids came in costumes, we all ate, drank and had a GREAT time! We were so incredibly lucky as the weather was amazing and almost warm!  We were outside a good portion of the night!

Carter and Orion were both Iron man.  Last year, Carter refused to dress up for trick or treating and he was still able to get candy in his jeans and shirt.  We'll see if he wears his costume this year!
Becky, Mom, Cammie & Alicia.  Becky brought the most awesome dip.  Ever.  I can't wait to have some more!
Kids playing!
It makes me so happy to see lots of kids running around having such a wonderful time!
The Daddy's!
Carter, Daddy & Tanner carving their pumpkins.
Chelsea, Lisa & Makayla with one of their pumpkins!
Cathy's beautiful green masterpiece!
Carving, carving, carving!

Cammie, "Chris in Belly", Chelsea, Chloe & Alicia. 
Hadley and Kristen
Orion and Carter
Hadley and Kristen twirling!
Getting their carving on!
The Bethke Bunch carving up a storm!
Addy and Chad-Cutting the Boo Out!
Jayden with her sunglasses on and Orion!
Too Cute!
Some serious carving!
Taylor and her cheeks!

The cool white snaggle tooth pumpkin!
Chloe, Brennan & Kristen
Brennan, Kristen & Carter playing soccer
Taylor and Dave
Tanner and his pumpkin!
Jayden, Cathy & Green pumpkin
Dave, Taylor, Mom, Jock, & Tyler
The insides! 
 Lisa could have made her magical seeds with this, but sadly Tyler dumped it all in the trash!
Holly, Alicia and Mom. 
As the evening goes on.....moms amazing sangria comes alive!
Mom and Cam
I can only imagine this conversation....Does my blackboard say "I love chicken" yet? And, I haven't even checked the dry erase calendar at this point in the night!
Jock pushing the kiddos on the swings!
Lisa, Dave & Tyler lighting the pumpkins!
The carvers, the kids, and their finished pumpkins!
Brennan and Carter
Fun Kids!
Alicia, Holly, me, Cathy, Becky (with Baby Taylor), Adrienne & Lisa
Dave, Tyler, Chad & Jock

What a fun night!
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