Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Shower!

Cams baby shower was Friday night.  It was an absolute success!  The events that lead up to it were of course hilarious!  As much as my sister is my very best friend, we are total opposites when it comes to organization and planning.  I do much better when I fly by the seat of my pants and save everything until the very last minute and love to live in what I call fun chaos.  She, on the other hand, is a planner, completely organized and usually 20 steps ahead of everything! So fast forward to Thursday afternoon before the Friday night shower and the only thing I have is the desert and I only have that because my mom had ordered it a few weeks prior!  I dropped the brothers off at preschool, so I have 2 hours with only Hadley to get everything done-piece of cake! I headed to Costco to get everything I needed only to find out they don't open until 10.  That's a shame.  So, I decide to just head back to town to go to Winco.  While I am there Tyler calls and needs a migraine pill so I check out really fast, head back home and then to the plant and then to preschool.  I realized the only items I picked up at Winco were tissue paper, cups, artichoke dip and avocados.  Not really enough to throw the shower.  Oops.  Now, T minus less than 24 hours and I've got the brothers with me and things just completely unravel.  Thank goodness my Grandma and mom came to the rescue! I put Hadley down for a nap and took the boys to the pool.  My Grandma met me at the pool and we made a list, she went that afternoon and picked up the rest o the items I needed and then her and my mom went to Costco that night for me too.  Heaven.  Bliss.  Thank you!!! The brothers are great at a lot of things but shopping is NOT one of them! This freed up Friday afternoon to totally get everything ready! By the time 7:00 on Friday night rolled around, everything was done and beautiful! Phew!  I don't think Cam ever found out the frantic mess I put myself in just hours before either!

 Grandma signing her name for the prize draw!

 Mom made delicious Sangria for everyone but Cammie!

 Mom & me with our Sangria!

 Yummy snacks!

 Justine, Cammie, Stacy and Kayla.

 Baby Presents!

 Everyone wrote some well wishes or advice in this sweet book!  It has been very fun to read!

 Me & Lisa! Lisa took most all of the shower pictures for me!  Yay!

 Adrienne signing The Giving Tree book.

 Alicia and Isaac. He's only 8 weeks old!

 Yay for socks!

 Big eyes!  She must have just opened something very shocking! Breast pads?

 Cam demonstrating how to use the bath cup!

 Baby stuff is so much fun!

 Checking out the goods!


 What is everyone looking up at? Oh, I had forgotten to mention earlier that there was one thing I still needed to do on Friday and that was to go to Zurchers and get balloons.  I didn't have to, but I love balloons and so I wanted too.  So, the kids and I all piled in the car and headed to Zurchers.  Or course, everyone in town that day was also getting balloons so the appease my precious little cherubs, I let each of them pick out a balloon to get blown up as well.  Tanner picked out a green jungle themed balloon and Carter picked out a red balloon and we got Hadley a pearly polka dot balloon.  Hadley immediately popped hers in the car before we were even out of the parking lot.  Tanner let his float to the top of our vaulted bedroom ceiling, on the high side.  And Carter let his red balloon go up to the very top of our 24 foot ceiling in the family room.  I threw my hands up in the air.  Seriously? Carter informed me that Cammie would like it.  I had almost forgotten about it until everyone looked up and saw it.  Cammie did like it and that's all that matters!
 Some secret agent spy's coming down the stairs to check out what was going on!

 Cam showing us how the burp cloth can turn into a bib!  Way cool!

 Eat, drink & be merry!

 Isn't this what every baby shower should have?

 Cam and me!
 Me, mom, Cam, cousin Nikki & Grandma! Aunt Sonna was in South Dakota otherwise she would have been there!

 Baby stuff!

This is Chris's diaper bag, which, aside from one of Cammie's friends slipping and saying the name, the name was revealed this way too!

Chandler, we love you so much and cannot wait to meet you face to face!
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