Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Bring it on!

We started off planning the New Years weekend by deciding that a bunch of us would go to Barbacoa for dinner and then the next day, our little clan would head up and spend the remainder of the weekend in Cascade at Tyler's parents cabin. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, Alicia called me a few days before New Years Eve and said we had a slight problem. Barbacoa was doing a set dinner that was going to be $75 a person. No thanks. We were not going to be a part of that nonsense! So, we put our heads together and I think I actually persuaded everyone to go to Tepanyaki for dinner! I LOVE Japanese steak houses where they cook in front of you! So, that was set and then we would be off to the cabin.......or would we? An hour before we were going to leave for dinner, Tyler's dad called and said they had just arrived at the cabin and to not bother coming up the next day. What?? Why?? Are we really that annoying?? No, well, maybe, but the actual reason was the cabin had flooded! Crazy! Here are a few pictures!

Brent actually came and picked up Chris and Tyler on Saturday and they headed up there to meet Disaster Clean Up. This picture shows the ceiling that was torn down.

This is the basement after the carpet was taken out! Wow!

But more on all that later.......back to celebrating the end of 2009 and welcoming in 2010!

And on a side note.......a few days after New Years, Barbacoa burned down. I am actually beginning to feel like it might be me that is the source of all the problems........

My mom and Chris and Cam watched the boys for us so we could go out! My mom brought over all sorts of New Years stuff so they could have a little party too! Tanner and Carter just eat stuff like that up! Here is King Tanner with his New Year's crown on!

Adrienne and Corey watching our chef at Tepanyaki cook for us!

Kate and Reggie with AJ, Teddy, Adrienne and Corey!

Way in the back is Justin, Lisa, Chad, Alicia and Tyler!

The infamous onion volcano!

Dinner would not be complete without our cook tossing shrimp into peoples mouths! Chad caught it too!

Kate, Lisa, Ashley, Alicia and Reggie too! After dinner the night was still way to young, we checked back in on our kids, and all of our kids were sleeping soundly, so we decided to take advantage and go out some more! We headed back to Meridian to the Bulls Head Pub for some drinks and good times! What night owls we were too! The last time I was up that late was probably with Carter when he wasn't sleeping through the night! Does that count??

Chad, Reggie, Tyler, and Justin

Lisa, Ashley, Alicia and Kate. No, I did not drink, there is a drink in front of me, but it does not contain alcohol! Next year....maybe!

Tyler drank enough for the both of us taking full advantage of my sober sister position that night and bought a round or 5 of shots for everyone! I have some HILARIOUS video of that night too but I just don't know if I feel comfortable publishing it so I will send it to everyone and if they'd like to publish it, they can Facebook it!
Welcome to 2010! I must say, there have been more times in the past year where I have said enough is just enough! Life is full of ups and downs. Thank God for awesome family and friends! There's a saying that I just love, it goes "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!" How true is that? I should just be honest and say that instead of saying "might not have it all together" it should actually read "Does not have it all together"! Because seriously, have you hung out with me lately? I am really looking forward to 2010 and the many surprises it brings our way! I hope this year is filled with all things good for everyone!

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