Friday, January 22, 2010


I haven't really said much on here about Carter! Sometimes his personality and little idiosyncrasy's are hidden in the shadows of his bigger and much louder older brother! But Carter is such a little man and he never ceases to amaze me everyday! He is so much fun and such a great kid! He makes us laugh everyday! Lately he has been really into saying "Bless You" after he or anyone else in the house sneezes or even coughs. Then he laughs because he thinks he is hilarious! He says please and thank you for everything! This morning when I was getting his eggs ready for his breakfast he was saying (yelling) "Please eat eggs!" over and over again! I was cooking them as fast as I could but an egg only cooks as quickly as it can! He loves to play toys. He runs around the house saying "me play toys, me play toys!" it cracks me up! When he does something he shouldn't do and I correct him, he looks at me and says "Oooohhh", with a really concerned look on his face. Like, he didn't know because no one had ever told him that before! Yeah right, he gets told things a lot and he acts like it's the first time he's heard it! It's funny, but I really haven't outgrown that either! I make the same mistakes over and over again too! Luckily, everyone is patient and loving with me!

He is growing up so fast and turning into his own little person. He is very much still a little baby and I am worried that when the next little baby comes he will be in for quite a shock! I hope it goes smoothly and he doesn't have his feelings hurt. Tanner's transition into the big brother role was so smooth and easy when Carter was born I am hoping for the same when this little one is born too!

Today was a very rainy dreary day and so we grabbed a few friends and headed over to have lunch at Burger King so the kids could play and we could visit. I LOVE these food joints with play equipment in them! Before I was a mom, and even when Tanner was younger, I swore I would never let my kids play in places like this, and now places like this, along with my friends, save my life! We seek out the clean and less crowded ones! Today though, no one knew it, but Meridian School District didn't have school so it was a bit crowded, but I think the kids have more fun then! Above is a video of Carter and Mason being silly! Mason is 10 months old and Carter is 19 months old, they are so funny together!

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