Wednesday, January 6, 2010

She's baaaaaack!

When I first got my Pioneer Woman Cookbook, I was so excited! I read the entire thing that night! Then, when my friend Katie in Texas said to send it on over so she could take hers and mine to Houston to have P-dub herself sign them for us, I was even more elated! So, I sent it off to Texas!

Here's Katie with her husband Benjamin and their 2 precious kiddos Ande and Gideon! Can you also believe their last name is Swan? How Twilight is that??! She kind of resembles Bella too! Katie is awesome and I feel so blessed to have her as one of my friends that has spanned from childhood to adulthood. Pretty hard to do! She is also so creative and crafty, her ideas have even been published on the Tip Junkie blog! Hopefully, with some convincing, we can get the Swan Clan over here to Idaho!

Here she is! Back and even better than before! Why you ask?? Here's why;

Wow! Thanks PW! I will enjoy!

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