Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Festivities

We kicked off Christmas with a night at church for the kids Christmas Eve service. It's always a lot of fun, the kids especially love it because they get to participate!

Tanner and his cookies for Santa!

Tanner and Tyler opening a few presents on Christmas Eve!
Mimi, Carter, Tanner, and Grandma on Christmas Eve

Aunt Molly helping Carter at church


After that, we came home and had dinner with my mom and Grandma and did a few presents with them! Then it was off to bed to get ready for Santa to come! The boys and I baked cookies for Santa earlier in the day and so they left a plate out with cookies and a glass of milk for Santa. I took video of Christmas morning, which was hilarious, but have lost the cord to the video camera so as soon as I find it, I will post the video of Christmas morning. Tanner really got into things this year so it was a lot of fun! Carter was just having a great time as usual but he really had no idea what was going on at all! We called my mom when the boys got up and she got over to the house just as they were coming down the stairs so she got to see and hear everything they said! It was great! A little while later in the morning Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandma, Nana, and Aunt Molly came over and we did presents, coffee, and enjoyed visiting with them for a bit!

Grandma helping the kids open presents!

Tanner and Nana

We went over to Grandma and Grandpa's that night for Christmas dinner too! It was a very enjoyable day! On the way home from that, we drove around looking at all the Christmas lights on the houses! It was very relaxing and especially nice knowing that it was only Friday night and the weekend had just begun!

We took a few days to recover and to wait for Chris and Cam to make the long drive from SoCal up to Idaho! We celebrated Christmas with them at my moms house for a wonderful dinner and a few more presents! I'm beginning to wonder if my boys realize that Christmas is actually just one day out of the whole year instead of a 3 week span of celebrations? We have officially decided that Christmas is just the entire month of December and are going to leave it at that!

Grandma and Carter having pie!

Mom with the robe we all got for her

Chris and Cam

Grandma and Carter with his flashlight!

Uncle Chris, Tanner, and Grandma

Auntie Cam and Carter!

Mimi with the boys!

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