Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tanner's Special Day

This week Tanner is in charge of snacks, which is a BIG deal! He also got to have his special day today, which means that the class celebrated his birthday with him.  Since he has a summer birthday, this makes it pretty exciting! 

 He requested cupcakes, chocolate milk & goody bags for his friends!
Hadley came to join in on the festivities too!

 Tanner and his blue cupcake

 Hadley sitting with the big kids eating her cupcake too!

 Tanner and Mrs. Sale talking about the special day Tanner was born.

 Singing Happy Birthday to Tanner!  What a fun group of kids Tanner gets to play with!

 Tanner with the goody bag he gave to all his friends.

 A little birthday dancing!

 Hadley dancing away! It looks like Mrs. Sale might be doing "the robot"!

 Mommy got a thumbs up on the birthday treats!

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