Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fishy's Fishy's Everywhere!

So I kind of didn't feel all that great this week. I kind of didn't get too much sleep at night this week. I kind of took a "battle through it all" approach and so decided that a week of pool time, and going to the park, and basically not slowing down at all would be the best thing to do. So, by Friday, I kind of wanted a little quiet time, and that just didn't seem to be happening. That's fine. I don't mind a bit. As I said, it was Friday, late afternoon and Tyler would be home soon. Then it would be the weekend and we could revert back to a "Man on Man" defense strategy and I could get some help and some quiet time.
Just then, Tanner asked if he and Carter could go upstairs and play together. How sweet. Yes!! Yes you guys can go upstairs and play! This was great. They were upstairs for about 15 minutes when I thought I should check up on them. Tanner had evidently taken the Costco box of Fishy Crackers upstairs with them. They were EVERYWHERE!!! Carter was in hog heaven because he is a little bottomless pit these days just shoving as many Fishy's in his mouth as he could and as fast as he could. Tanner was just having a blast with all the Fishy's that were scattered everywhere, including all down the stairs.

I made them both stay up there until they were all picked up and put back in the box. When Tyler got home he vacuumed up the little crumbs and took the box back to the kitchen when he realized that not only were the Fishy's back in the box, but that there were also Lego's, block's, and a few other little toys! At least when they clean up, they really clean up!

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