Monday, July 6, 2009

Tanner and Carter's Birthday Party

We kicked off the 4th of July weekend with a joint 1st and 3rd birthday party for Carter and Tanner on Friday afternoon. It was great fun! Family and friends were there to celebrate with us! My dad and Sue flew in for the occasion too! We started off the day with a visit from Uncle Bruce. He was heading out to the race track but wanted to say Happy Birthday to the boys before he left and let Tanner sit in his race car!

Tanner was so excited to sit in a real race car!

I think Tanner might have made Bruce a bit nervous-his hands were everywhere!

Sue and I made cupcake cones for desert!

Uncle Troy and Auntie Katie got Tanner Lincoln logs for his birthday! What a hit! Jaron built most of this! He opened up the instructions and started building! He did not get to finish so Tyler finished it for him! Very impressive work Jaron!

Orion and Carter with presents!

Tanner and Inara vrooming cars!

Party Excitement!

Tyler, Tanner, Jaron, and Ashley

Our big 3 year old!

Grandma and Mommy with Carter! Carter was so excited for the candle! I think it was still lit when he grabbed it!

The 2 Grandpa's, as Tanner likes to refer to them as!

Inara, Tanner, and Luke enjoying their hot dogs!

Mandy with the kids!

Uncle Troy and Baby Cooper!

We had a Farm Party so all the kids got their pictures taken in a farm frame! They turned out hilarious!








Tanner-the water was shockingly cold!

Tanner! This was all before the kids got a little crazy and put the hose on the swing set slide! I have video of those stunts!

Too cool Carter!

These are a little small on Tanner, they look like specs!

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