Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to Pack for a Trip, By Tanner

We are leaving for a trip down to California for Cammie and Chris's wedding. In order to have some personal time and space while I packed for all of us, I asked Tanner if he and Carter might be able to go pack Tanner's suitcase. Tanner has a little rocket ship suitcase that has a handle and wheels so he can roll it. It is very helpful that he can pack his own stuff around!
Later on, I was curious to see what he thought he needed for the week so I opened up his suitcase and found that he had packed most all of his and Carter's trucks. I thought it was so sweet that he packed for Carter too! I'm sure Carter appreciated it and was a big help during the whole packing process!
He also included cheetah and baby truck in the smaller front pocket! As long as you have a truck, no matter how big or small, old or new, you are set!

I hope he won't be too disappointed when we get on the plane and he realizes I have replaced all the boys trucks with their DVD player and a few movies so they can watch movies on the plane!

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