Monday, July 27, 2009

The Rehearsal

This week we flew down to Southern California because my sister and Chris were getting hitched! we had a great time seeing family and friends and marrying these two kids off! This is the rehearsal and dinner. It was so much fun and was a great opportunity to get all our tears and giggles out before the big night!
Katie, Patty, and my Mom! We have been friends with the Lenz's since Jaclyn and I were very very little and Cammie and Katie were not even born! Katie told a hilarious story that night about how she was home alone one evening and thought someone was sneaking around their house. She called my mom to come and get her. I had no recollection of this story and it took Patty a minute to remember and we all thought it was funny that she called my mom instead of the police! And, no one was really sneaking around the least we are pretty certain! We love this family!
The crew at Lascari's for dinner.

Chris and his groomsmen!

Chris and Cam with Chris's mom and dad in the background!

The crazy church lady who orchestrated the wedding, Cammie, and my mom making a silly face!

Chris, Tanner, and Tyler at dinner. They made a garage for Tanner's truck out of a box!

The wine from Chris and Cam with a cool personalized picture label of them! We loved it!

Daddy with the 2 boys!

Mimi and Carter waving to everyone!

Cammie and Dad walking down the isle getting all the tears out!

Sisters Lauren and Emily played their violins at the ceremony and Lauren was also a bridesmaid!

Tanner, the ring bearer, with the 2 little flower girls!

Chris offered to let Tanner put the rings in his yellow bus and "vroom" them down the isle! Don't worry, he really didn't do that!

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