Thursday, July 9, 2009

You wouldn't want to get house burned!

Today we went swimming at Ivy Wild pool. It was a blast! We met up with Chloe, Addy, Chelsea and Makayla. I put sunscreen on the kids before we left the house just to alleviate one less step when we got to the pool. Tanner likes to do things all by himself, and I usually let him, except I don't really like him to do the sunscreen by himself. He beat me to it this morning and got it everywhere and then told me he always needed to wear sunscreen, even in the house so he didn't get house burned. I don't really know how you get house burned, but it sounds awful so packed up and got out of the house just to avoid that kind of burn!
Here is Tanner with a lot of sunscreen on, or should I call it house screen?
The kids had a blast, Tanner loved going down the water slides, holding his breath and going under water and blowing bubbles, climbing on the turtle, and having Chloe help him pull the cord so the water would shower down on them! Even Carter was a little maniac just loving the water and going everywhere I would let him!

I would have taken more pictures but it was a little tough to get the camera going and make sure Carter did not go plowing into the deeper part of the pool! Here are a couple videos!
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