Monday, July 27, 2009

The Wedding!

Ahhh, the wedding day! Wedding are just the best! It's so fun for the bride and the groom but it is also nice for the guests as they get to hear a wonderful sermon about marriage! I especially liked the sermon at Chris and Cam's wedding. It was in relation to a poker game and how important it is to be "all in" with each other in your life together. I'm summarizing, but "all in", as small as the phrase is, has huge meaning. Couples need to be "all in" together, holding nothing back, living their lives together as one, and sparing nothing from each other. It is so important to be a strong unit together. What great advise for newlyweds and what a great reminder for those who have been married.

Prior to hearing all this great advise, we girls started the day off at Salon Selah! Perfect! I love salons and it has been a long time since I have even stepped foot in one let alone had as many services performed on me at one time as I did on Friday! Here is mom getting her hair done. She looked lovely! We got to the salon at 10:00 that morning with our Starbucks in hand followed by Mimosa's and fruit. For lunch was had sandwiches and more Mimosa's of course! I really enjoyed my little massage, hair style experience, and having someone else put make up on me! We were off to the church by 2:30 all beautiful and feeling relaxed!
Cammie with pretty hair!

Mirror shot of Cam!

Katie, AKA "Cousin It" in the middle of the hair experience!

Lauren and Katie getting Cam's dress on. It was quite the little process especially since the air conditioner in the dressing room was off and the room was 85 degrees when we got there and it cooled off very slowly! We did not Cammie to sweat all her make up off and ruin her hair!

Katie and Cammie

Mom and Cammie and Dad

Chris and Cam during their first dance!

Me and Josh waiting to give speeches. Josh's was really good! Mine, was supposed to be really good too if I hadn't been a blubbering crying idiot through the whole thing! Oh well!

Me trying to give my least I tried! Cammie was crying way to hard at our wedding to give any type of speech at all! Which was funny because she actually took the microphone out of my hand during my attempt at a speech and told that story!

Again with the speech, I just went down and sat with them in hopes of that being easier, whatever, it didn't really help any! Bottom line is I love them both and can't wait for them to both move back up to Idaho and start their lives together-ALL IN!

Cammie and Tanner and Chris!

My BFF growing up Jennifer! How fun to see her!

Me and my cute and awesome hubby!

Cousin Billy and his wife Lindsay who is my and Cam's adoptive sister!

Cam and Dad during the Father/daughter dance!

They invited me up during the dance too!

Gary and Carter with Jaclyn in the background. Gary is practicing for his days as a grandpa which hopefully will happen in the next couple of years!! Hint hint Jaclyn!

Tanner, Tyler, Me, Cammie, and Chris! Our parents now have 4 kids!

Cammie and Mom dancing the night away!

Tossing the bouquet!

Chris getting the garter from Cam!

He got it!

Jen, me Cam, and Lindsay

Me, Jaclyn, Cammie, and Katie! Jaclyn's wedding is next and we can't wait!

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