Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Hysteria!

This Halloween rolled around very quickly as we had just gotten back from a week in Mammoth! I really love Halloween and had actually forgotten it was Sunday night! Nothing was going to stop me from taking the kids out however! We were actually supposed to meet some friends at Reflections Church for their Halloween festival and then head on down to Harrison Blvd to meet up with more friends at their party. Next year. That would have been a bit ambitious after a 10 hour drive! This year we just stayed home and trick or treated in our neighborhood which turned out to be really impressive! Thank goodness my mom reminded me and we were able to have Mom and Cammie over for dinner and then some Trick-or Treating! Saguaro Canyon really put on a show this year! Tanner and I were game to go out and really canvas the neighborhood, we had to rope everyone else in! Especially Carter. He was in no mood to go out, he was exhausted, but he pulled through for candy! It was hilarious hysteria with the two boys, let me tell you! Of course, I am right along with them pushing them! It was so much fun! Tanner was running from house to house while Carter preferred to have Cammie push him in the stroller! Hadley was just along for the ride and I can only imagine her trying to keep up with her big brothers next year! We had a blast and trick or treated until it was too dark and cold to do it anymore!

Tanner, Carter and Daddy at the Haunted House down the street!

Tanner running away yelling "I got some good candy for you Daddy!" It cracked me up, especially since I was more the instigator! I love candy!!

Cammie pushing Carter!

Mimi and Hadley

Tanner with our favorite neighbor boys Talon and Jaxon!

Tanner AKA Spidee making a web!

Carter the Spiderman! The pink sippy cup really adds to the costume!

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