Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris!

Chris turned 28 and we went to dinner at Epi's! Fun times and great food! Chris didn't know where he was going to dinner and he also didn't know we wold be there! It was a surprise!

Chris and Cammie as they walked in to Epi's! Cammie looks more shocked than Chris does!

Chris, Grandma, Me, Tyler, Mom and Cammie. Hadley was either in her little car seat or being carried around by Chris.

At no other restaurant will the owner carry around my baby while we eat! Chris held and cuddled Hadley and gave me the chance to eat and enjoy my family! Hadley had the best time walking around the restaurant, going in and out of the kitchen, and visiting with the other guests!

Chris and Cam!

Hadley, Tyler and Ashley!

Mom and Hadley!

Epi Chris with the Birthday Boy, Chris!

Mom, Hadley and Cammie!

Chris and his delicious birthday cake!

...............Make a wish!

Grandma, Hadley, Cammie and Ashley

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