Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Festivities

We had a terrific 4 days of Thanksgiving Festivities! We spent Thanksgiving day (of course I forgot my camera) with family. First we went over to Tyler's parents house and had a fabulous early dinner with all of his family. Tanner and Carter played with cousin Caden and had an absolute ball! The 3 boys play so well together, it just warms my heart! While that was going on, the men were watching football and the girls played Quarters around the table. It was so nice and relaxing! After that, we headed over to my moms house for dinner, more football and more playing! We have so much to be thankful for!

Friday, Tyler, the kids, and I had a relaxing morning in the house and then headed out to brave the crowds! We went downtown and had lunch at the Ram and then hit a few stores to price out items we would like for our new house. It was a great afternoon! That night was the BSU game and little did I imagine I would actually stay up to watch the game in its entirety but I did! It was a nail biter!

Saturday we woke up bright and early to head downtown again for the Christmas Parade! It was snowing and freezing! Hadley and I made it for about 15 minutes and then went back to the car to wait for the boys to finish watching the parade. They joined us about 30 minutes later. We didn't make it to the end of the parade to see Santa due to the weather and having to go potty! Who knew how much little boys would love to go potty in the snow! Its a whole lot of fun and excitement, let me tell ya! We came home for a bit and then headed out to Costco for a TV. I feel like we are always buying TV's but that is another story for another day! With hot dogs in hand, we walked the TV aisles until we decided on the perfect TV. I love Costco. We headed home for a little bit of quiet time and then we picked up Mimi and were off to the Festival of Trees for dinner and Santa!

Tanner and Carter watching the parade go by.

On the way home from the parade, the boys got really tired and the car was nice and quiet!

Festival of Trees with Santa! Carter ran right up to Santa and told him he wanted a monster truck! It was so cute! Tanner was full of information for Santa, some which applied and some which did not apply! This was Hadley's first Santa experience and there were no tears! Christmas will be pretty magical this year as Tanner really knows what is going on and Carter is following his lead and getting into the season as well!

Sunday, Hadley got baptised! We met up with family and friends at church for the occasion! She wore a dress that my Grandma made for my sister Cammie when she was baptised at about the same age as Hadley. That was so special! Maybe someday Cammie will have a little girl who can wear that dress, and maybe someday ( a really really loooooooooong time from now) Hadley will have a little girl who will wear that dress too! We all headed over to Mimi's house after church for brunch which was so much fun! After brunch, we headed out to the train depot for some pictures! The elevator at the depot was open and running and the kids got to go up and take in the view of the city! They loved it!

Hadley and Pastor Phil

Hadley being baptised!

Hadley and Mommy

Cutie Hadley-Roo! We love you so much!!

Hadley and Mommy!

A sneak peak at Mom's Christmas card picture! Here's the crazy gang!

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