Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mammoth Lakes, CA

We just got back from a wonderful week in Mammoth Lakes, CA. We met up with my Dad, his wife Sue and her daughter Stacy, husband Gabriel, and their two boys Gabriel and Noah. We had so much fun together! We stayed half of our trip at The Village and the other half at Snowcreek. We talked, laughed, cried, ate, went on hikes, ate, relaxed, woke up to snow one morning, and thoroughly enjoyed each other! Did I mention we ate?
The snow was a treat! I know Tyler and Tanner were ready to go skiing. The mountain was open last year on October 13th so we kind of thought that maybe just maybe a storm would come in for us and make skiing possible, but not this time!
It had been about 5 years since the last time we had been to Mammoth. I had really forgotten the total grandeur and beauty of Mammoth. The vivid colors, the amazing smells, the familiar places that bring back so many great memories of my childhood, and the absolute huge Mountain that is and can only be Mammoth. We need to go back more often.
This was the first time we had met Stacy and Gabriel and their kids. We LOVE them ! They are just great and I am so blessed to have them as part of my family! The little cousins all played wonderfully together! I'm not going to totally omit any tantrums or little squabbles that came along with the trip....they were there too, but the kids just loved each other as well! We all have so much in common with each other. I feel lucky to have gained another sister who stays home with her two little boys as well who I can bounce ideas off of and also just vent when the days get rough!!
I took way too many pictures and posted way too many as well! We can't wait to go back again soon Enjoy!

Tanner with a snowball the morning we woke up to snow!

Noah and Gabriel with Hadley. I think they need a sister!

Hadley "the body" Compton

Noah, Tanner and Gabriel

Sue and Dad at Lake George

Carter. He's having a melt down! No trip is ever complete without meltdowns!

Tanner and the "cute little baby tree!"

One of the Twin Lakes

Dad and Carter

Dad and Hadley during nap time!

The toy that occupied the boys the most! They had a ball with this!

Tanner and Carter

Tanner and Carter

Dad and Sissy after a hike!

Gabriel, Tanner, Noah and Carter after our hike to Devils Post Pile!

Tanner and Carter with their rocks!

Carter, Grandpa and Tanner sitting on a tree bench!

Sue skipping with the big boys!

Me, Hadley, Dad and Stacy

Tanner, Dad, Tyler and Carter

The awesome Devils Post Pile!

Tyler, Carter, Ashley, Hadley, Tanner, Stacy, Gabriel, Gabriel and Noah

Carter, Noah, Gabriel and Tanner

Hadley having a bath in the kitchen sink!

Dad and Sue cooking up a storm!

Tanner and Carter

Captain Awesome!

Carter along with high jumping Tanner!

Tanner and Carter

Another beautiful spot in Mammoth!

Carter and Tanner at Twin Lakes

Snow on Chrystal Crag

Hadley! She is such a chunky monkey!

Hadley snoozing with Grandpa! Something she loved to do!

Stacy and Sue!

Gabriel, Tanner, Carter and Noah playing games!

The 3 flags by "The Mammoth". I thought they looked so beautiful against the crisp blue sky!

Tanner and Carter with "The Mammoth"! I have about 28 years worth of pictures with Cammie and I by "The Mammoth". It was so much fun to put my boys up against it and take their picture! It brought a tear to my eye! Hadley would have joined in but she can't sit up yet! It will be really fun when Cammie and Chris have kids who can also join in "The Mammoth" picture!

Tyler and I at Lake Mary. 10 years ago in August he proposed to me right in this very spot! It was so much fun to come back! Can't believe it will be 10 years of marriage this November. It has gone by so fast and I love him more and more every day!

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