Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bacon Vodka!

I had to try this. I couldn't resist. As much as the idea of it intrigued me, it also made me want to vomit. The curiosity of it all sent me over the edge and I had to make it.


I happened to have some bacon in the fridge.  Tyler brings home the bacon, literally. So, I sort of looked up a few ways to do this and picked the quickest and easiest way possible to make this.  I chopped up the yummy bacon into smaller pieces. 

 Fried it all up.

 Poured it in a glass bowl and then added the vodka to it.

 I put it in the freezer to let the fat and grease rise to the top so I could scrap it off easier.

 Out of the freezer, all frosty and with the grease fat on top.

 I scraped off most of the fat, along with some bacon before I strained it.

 Straining the bacon and fat and grease out of the vodka.

 After the first strain, still needing more straining.

After the next couple of strains, good enough!  I had to strain it quite a few times.  It smells pretty good!  Can't wait to try it! I wasn't sure what to do with it at this point, so I screwed on the lid and placed it in the fridge! I might have to sneak a sip tonight just to make sure I don't make anyone sick!

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