Monday, September 26, 2011

The Museum Comes Alive

On Saturday the Boise Museum came to life!  It was so much fun! The kids got to see so many great things!

 The kids in front of an old tractor.

 This ambulance was made in 1970 and was actually still in operation until 1989!


 An old cannon moments before we watched them fire it off.

 Tanner checking out the fireplace in the old log cabin.

 Everything in this old log cabin is original to the house. It was so much fun to see all the history.

 The boys learning Morse code.

 The brothers playing games.

 Checking out some cool army "rides"
 An army Jeep.

 The brothers in front of a big gun!

 Panning for gold.

 Carter testing out a saddle.

 Tanner on a saddle.

 Hadley tried out the saddle too!

 Learning how wheels are made.

 Tanner at the print press making a newspaper.

Carter making his newspaper! What a fun Saturday!                                    
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