Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Science Experiment

The kids and I made butter.  It was fun to see how we can turn a liquid into a solid! There was lots of excitement and it tasted really good too!

 Tanner all ready with the carton of whipping cream and the mixer.

 Pouring the whipping cream into the mixer.

 Watching it mix up.....for a really looong time!

 It started to get whipped.

 Everyone loving the adventure of butter making.  Especially Carter with his muscles.  He even took his shirt off so we could see his muscles better!

 We're getting butter!  I took it out and let it drain before mixing it up just a little bit more.

 We added salt to the butter and mixed.

Our butter! 

On a side note, my car is in the shop getting fixed and so we were without wheels.  I had to go to Precepts earlier in the day and so my Grandma came to pick us up with her dog, Lily, AKA "Widdle Wiwy.  The kids were elated! I loaded the car seats in her car and they climbed on in! They didn't know we were just going to church.  Carter exclaimed "Grandma's car is so cozy! Is she going to watch us today? I want her to take us to Just Kiddin Around"! It was hilarious.  They were a bit disappointed when we got dropped off!

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