Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Craft

We did a fun craft today!  I know, I know, it's another Mason Jar craft!  I promise I do other things with the kids that do not involve Mason Jars, there is just sooo many cool things I can do with Mason Jars! I love them! I really can't get enough of them, all the different shapes and sizes and the fact that they can be hot or cold-it's just so fun for me! They look adorable used as drinking glasses and storage glasses...I could go on and on! But back to our little craft; we made a Halloween Pumpkin Lantern!

Here's what we used and how we did it;

 Glue, Paint Brushes, Red and Yellow Tissue paper, Sharpie Marker, Mason Jars & LED Tea Lights. I did a prototype with Hadley while the brothers were at preschool so they would have an example to go off while they made theirs!

 I poured some glue on a paper plate for each brother and ripped the tissue paper up into smaller pieces.  They painted the glue on the jars and stuck the paper wherever they wanted to on the jar.

 Tanner getting his lantern going.

 Carter gluing away!


 The brothers and their craft!

 Carter drawing is Jack-O-Lantern face on his lantern

 Tanner drawing his spooky face on!

The finished products! We'll put our lanterns on the front porch by our pumpkins for Halloween! The Trick-or-Treaters will think they are so spooky!

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