Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Origin of the Tippies

Most people have feet in their homes.  We have tippies! Tanner started calling feet tippies since he started to talk and it stuck and now everyone in our family calls feet tippies.  Over the past few years we have come up with many different tippy phenomenon that I want to share.  Most of them are far too funny and I never want to forget them.  I dread the day when the kids figure out that outside of our family, no one else calls feet tippies!

Tippy Facts

"Letting your tippies run free" means being barefoot.
"Snaggle Tippie" means you have a hang nail or a long toe nail that needs to be snipped .
"Tippie Snipper" A nail clipper.
"Sparkle Tippies" are mommy's nails after a pedicure.
"Monster Tippies" are daddys feet.
"Breadbox Tippies" are what the kids feet look like.

 These are Hadley's tippies.  She has little tippies, girl tippies which inevitably will someday become sparkle tippies like mommy has.  The one trait that seems to run in our family is fat square tippies.  Everyone has them, everyone wants them and looking at them makes me smile!

 These are Carters tippies.  Medium sized boy tippies. Also square and fat, sometimes smelly, but they run really fast and are lovable!
These are Tanners tippies. Bigger little boys sized tippies. The same fat square feature that the others have.  Sometimes, smelly, fast running and ever so sweet!
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