Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Ready for a Baby Shower!

The baby shower invitations for Cammie are out! I am very excited to conquer the next step of the party-decorations! I thought it might be fun to do a crisp fall decor with lots of apples and fall foliage! Along with some "mock tails" and fun food with little give aways intermittently given away.  I also came across some fun little "facts" that we will use as conversation pieces instead of playing games!

Top 10 Biggest Shocks of Childbirth

10.  How big you really got during pregnancy
9.  How fat you still are when you leave the hospital.
8.  How messy childbirth and recovery are.
7.  How frightened you are of ever having a bowel movement again in this lifetime.
6.  ow fat your face looks in the delivery room videos and photos.
5.  How certain you are that you will never want to have sex again.
4.  How irresponsible the hospital was to have released this precious baby into your care, considering you'd never changed a diaper until yesterday.
3.  How complicated nursing a baby really is.
2.  How overwhelming your devotion and enslavement to the baby are already.
1.  How nobody ever told you how much it really hurts to have a baby.

Top 10 Things New Mothers Don't Do

10.  New mothers don't leave the house on a moments notice.
9.  New mothers don't eat meals sitting down.
8.  New mothers don't read anything longer than what can be digested during a visit to the toilet.
7.  New mothers don't know about any of the movies nominated for Best Picture Academy Award.
6.  New mothers don't like other people's children, especially around their precious angel.
5.  New mothers don't listen to any news stories that involve harm to small children.
4.  New mothers don't end each day with a satisfying sense of a job well done.
3.  New mothers don't wear anything that must be dry cleaned or ironed.
2.  New mothers don't listen to Howard Stern anymore.
1.  New mothers don't sleep long enough to experience one single dream from start to finish.
1.  New mothers don't remember their former personal grooming regimen.
1.  New mothers don't remember anything. (I think that's everything...)

I'm so excited for this new little baby!

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