Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Fire Truck Comes To Preschool!

It is always just thrilling when the Fire Department comes to preschool! The kids love to hear what they have to say and see them in their uniforms!

 The fire fighters talking to the kids.

 Tanner raising his hand to ask a question.  The question was more of a statement about how his Daddy lights off fireworks and uses matches and lighters.  Carter then chimed in and said that his Dad has a lot of tools and a big ladder.  Very impressive.

 The kids seeing the truck!

 Tanner and Carter watching while the lights flashed and the siren roared!

 Getting to touch the fire truck.

 Carter with his Fire Fighter hat on with his classmate!

 Carter's class!

 Tanner's class!

 Cruz, Ava, Tanner & Hadley

The brothers! 
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