Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Everyone loves a good 3 day weekend!  The weather was perfect and we got in a lot of fun and some work!

 Tyler started prepping the side area we want cemented and even got one of the cement pads completed!  It's going to be so nice when it's done! The enire side area of the house is either weeds or lava rock and it's a huge mess.  I want tokeep my garden, but everything else can be cemented! It will be the perfect place for a basketball hoop someday!

 Tyler working on the cement form.

 The brothers and daddy working!

 Making sure it's all level!

 The boys!

 Hadley even got in on some of the action!

 Later on Sunday evening the Paulins came over for dinner and a night of fun!
Here's Carter and Cooper.
 Carter and Cooper!
 Katie with Chris and Cam.  Chris and Cam swung by to pick up a few things, they are in the middle of ripping out their carpet and laying down hardwood!  It's going to look so nice!
 All the boys doing stomp rockets!

 Tanner in mid air getting ready to launch his rocket!

 Boy Play!

 Carter, Cooper & Tanner

 Cooper in mid air launching his rocket!

 The next morning, Tyler started pouring concrete! Very exciting!

 Almost complete and looking wonderful!

 This is the beast.  It's a cement mixer that Tyler's Grandpa used to use.  It helped us out a bunch!

 The first of many cement pads to come!  Complete and looking great! 

 Happy Hadley

The boys and their tool boxes! 
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