Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The First Day of Preschool!

Today was the brothers first day of preschool!  It was very exciting!
They packed their backpacks the night before and hung them up by the back door so we wouldn't forget them.  Guess what-we forgot them! Oh well!
We did remember to grab the cute little flower vases we made for Mrs. Dockweiler and Mrs. Sale though and they LOVED them!

All ready for preschool! This place will never be the same after these boys get there!  Don't they look cute? These are their first day of school outfits.  Tanner came down stairs this morning all dressed in Camo.   From head to toe.  It was atrocious. I asked him to change into his first day of school outfit.  He came down again in a bright orange Bronco shirt. That's not going to work either.  Not even a little bit.  I had to bribe him to get him to wear his cute first day of preschool outfit and it worked!  Carter wanted to wear his ugly sandals instead of his school shoes and at that point, since he had on his cute outfit,I agreed to let the ugly sandals (on the wrong feet with socks) slide.  Not too many tears were shed!  Wow.  What a morning! We made it to preschool on time and with smiles! I was impressed!
Hadley is excited for the boys to go to preschool too!
AT preschool waiting for the doors to open!
Tanner!  This is his 3rd year at Friendship Celebration and he is super excited to be in Mrs. Sales class!
Carter! This is his very first day of preschool and he is ready to be in Mrs. Dockweilers class!
More muscles!
Carter and his friend and classmate Orion!
Carters cubby!
Carter sat right down and made himself at home in Mrs. Dockweilers class!

Building a tower.
Tanner painting and drawing in Mrs Sales class!
Tanner by his cubby.
Tanner and Mrs. Sale!
Carter and Orion playing in Mrs. Dockweilers class.
Mrs. Dockweiler and Carter!
Mrs Sale talking to the kids!
Carter and Orion saying the little prayer before snack time.
Snack time!
After preschool!  The boys are crazy with excitement!  It was a fun morning!
Hadley!  She is excited for her alone time with mommy during preschool hours! She doesn't get much one on one time with me so this will be special! I'm sure you will see us at Winco or Target A LOT!
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