Friday, September 2, 2011

Cute Vases for Teachers!

When I saw these vases, I just had to make them for the boys to take to their preschool teachers on the fist day of preschool next Tuesday!

You need colored pencils, a hot glue gun with glue, mason jars and perhaps a pencil sharpener to make sure the pencils look nice.

Then you start gluing pencils around the mason jar.

 My Ball Mason jars took 38 pencils to wrap around completely.

 The aerial view!

 No project is complete without my fearless assistants! Here is Carter drawing and sharpening!

 Tanner is making cards for the teachers!

 Hadley got into the action by grabbing pencils from me and the boys and then running away laughing! I caught her just long enough to snap a picture of her with the evidence!

 Prior to burning himself with the hot glue gun, Tanner started on his vase. He stopped after realizing that the hot part in hot glue gun, actually means hot.

I completed the pencil vase by wrapping ribbon around it and gluing a flower on it too! So cute!  I can't wait to fill these up with fresh cut flowers next Tuesday for the boys to give to their teachers!
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