Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Bunny and Mall!

Cammie met us at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch today and we drove her to car afterwards because it was snowing. Snowing! It's April, it's Spring and it's Snowing!! Crazy! I am definitely ready for the warm weather! I'm not the biggest fan of winter. We had a great time today! We had a nice lunch, got everyone outfitted for Easter in coordinating pants and shirts and got to see the Easter Bunny!
Cammie!! She's so Hollywood!

Tanner and Carter with the Easter Bunny. Tanner was a pro, but this was Carter's first time. He did great! No crying! It was wonderful!

Try to look at me and say cheese! Please Easter Bunny-don't drop Carter! Again...can you guys look over here?? We are not paying $15 for one 5x7!

Lucky for us, the Cheesecake Factory is LOUD! We are loud. Tanner has 2 volumes, loud and mega loud. Here is a video my mom took of Tanner throwing Carter's toy around right before I finally bit the bullet and threw down some discipline. I hate having to do that in public!!

Here is the Easter Bunny with the boys! I could have at least turned around and smiled!

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