Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter was great! We actually got to sleep in a little bit too! It was 7:00 before Tanner cruised into our bedroom to wake us up! We started the day off at church where Tanner hunted eggs in Sunday School. This is the first Easter where he actually "gets" hunting for eggs. We came home and the Easter Bunny had visited our house. He got to hunt eggs again while Carter took his morning nap. Pretty cool egg hunting basket!
Tanner hunting eggs!

Off egg hunting!

Daddy helping Tanner get the eggs! There were too many eggs for one truck basket so he used Carter's basket and got eggs for him as well.

Tanner and Daddy.
I love this picture! I feel so blessed to have been able to marry my best friend. Tyler is a wonderful husband and a great father. How did I get so lucky to marry him?


In the afternoon, we headed over to my Mom's house along with Cammie, Jill, Cameron, Caden, and Tyler's parents Brent and Kris for Easter dinner and more egg hunting.

Carter and Tanner with their Easter Eggs.

Carter and Tanner!
I wanted to and intended to take more pictures of everyone, but somehow got side tracked and didn't! Dang!

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