Monday, April 6, 2009

Sandbox Craziness!

Sandbox Madness!
The weather is absolutely beautiful today! It is supposed to be 70 degrees so we are already outside getting the most of the day!Aunt Jill was over for lunch and Carter and Caden were inside while we were eating (a very delicious, easy recipe of Jill's that I will post in a few days by the way!) and Tanner was outside playing. He came to the back door and wanted to come in and this is what his face looked like. I took a few pictures because he looked hilarious! Sand was all over his face. He looks just like Tyler with facial hair! But after I looked at him a little closer, I realized sand was EVERYWHERE! Ears, eyes, hair, nose, his body was covered in it!
He thought it was great! It really did not seem to bother him at all that he was covered in sand! He is a total boy!

So, we went upstairs to take a quick bath to get as much sand off as possible before his nap! It looks like the sandbox is a huge hit!

Below is a video my mom took this morning of Tanner showing her how he plays in his sandbox!

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