Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am really looking forward to Friday! My mom, sister, me and the boys are heading out to get Easter outfits for Tanner and Carter and some new tennis shoes for Tanner. His feet are growing like weeds! We will probably go out to lunch too which is a treat for all of us! I am hoping the weekend will bring some nicer weather too. I am very ready to be outside a lot more than we have been able to. Winter has been extra long this year it seems! Plus, I heard through the grapevine that Sterling Nursery was having a big sale or auction or something on trees, plants, and whatever else and so I would really like to head over there and check all that out! I have a vision in my head of how I would like our side yard to look but just haven't quite been able to put it to life just yet. And, as soon as the weather gets nicer, I think I will be able to put this vision to life and I would love to be prepared, especially if the plants and stuff are cheap! I am trying to talk Tyler into going out to dinner and possibly a movie tomorrow night too if my mom and sister wouldn't mind taking care of the boys too! We'll see! I have a craving for Barbacoa and I don't think we have been to a movie since before Carter was born. So, if anyone has seen any good movies on the big screen, please let me know! I have no idea what is even out!

I'm having a blast with this blog! I have to thank Miss Katie Swan for getting me started on this and helping me with everything! Technology has really been such a cool thing to help reconnect old friends and I have had so much fun with it!
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